"Big dori", or how I plan and memory keep in one single dori

"Big dori", or how I plan and memory keep in one single dori
Hello Daisies, I hope everybody is OK and cope well with the actual situation. But planning, even for "just" house plan can be great for our minds. For more than two years now, I plan in standard dori size. When the Traveler Notebook Memory Keeping Kit came, I began to use an idea I saw on the Cocoa Daisy Facebook group (sorry, I can't remember from whom it was, and can't give the credit) : combinate the simple dori from the TNMK Kit, and the standard dori from the main planner kit (with this option). So, I have a single space for planning and memory keeping each month. I love that option because that makes it really fun when I review my booklets a few months later. So today, I will show you in pictures how I make my "big dori" : 1 - The supplies :  For making your "big dori" you will need : - A simple dori - A standard planner dori - A pencil - Some sewing thread and a needle OR a big stapler - A tool for removing staples Optional : - Some double sided paper (from main planner kit) for the cover - Something to cut the paper

2 - Remove staples : 

You can use a specific tool or a round knife in order to do this.


3 - Arrange the pages : 

I personally make this arrangement : the first page of the simple dori (with the label on it), the planner's pages and in the middle the rest of the simple dori's pages.


4 - Mark with the pencil (optional)


Use the stencil to mark the size of the cover, and the place of staples' holes. You also can decide to use the kraft cover directly.


5 - Cut the paper 


6 - Add the cover to your dori 


7 - Sew your dori 

I just use holes from the staples to sew. You can also decide to use staples. I personally prefer the sewing as it's a bit more "loose" to handle.


8 - Et voilà ! 

For making my cover, I used some stamps (from an old kit) and stickers. Then I glued the acetate (it was in classified kit) and added other stickers. I added some washi on the "slice" in order to transition between the acetate and cloud paper.


If you want to see my set up in this "big dori" you can watch my video (comments are in french) :



You also can see others video "flip throught", in order to see my doris completed.


I hope you'll enjoy this type of planner.

Happy planning, and take care !