Bible Study with Cocoa Daisy

Hello friends! I cannot believe we have been in the month of March almost a week. It‚Äôs mind blowing how fast time goes by each year! I have been so excited to share what I‚Äôve been doing in my bible. Cocoa Daisy came out with¬†new¬†Bible journaling stickers!! So of course, I had to try them out! Each month I pick a book of the bible to study. This month is Ecclesiastes, which is one of my favorite books to read because it talks about wisdom and change. The Treetop Canopy Bible Journaling Sticker Kit was perfect for this time of year- and for my book of the month that I‚Äôm studying. First, I decided I wanted a tip-in page. A page to have as a header if you will. I used a scrap piece of textured paper and decided to layer with some washi from the kit and the quote stickers. I added some embellishments and a header for the date. I did take some of the letter stickers from the main planner kit to give a header to the overall arching theme for Chapter 3. It was¬†way easier¬†for me to slap on some beautiful stickers than try and hand letter! The washi strips are a cute addition. After I had what I wanted, I started my study and highlighted the notes I wanted to take. I use several apps to take notes: Blue Letter Bible is perhaps my favorite. I love the bright colors of the Mildliner Highlighters. They also went very well with the bright color included in the stickers! Bible Study isn‚Äôt about the note taking, or sticker placing- but drawing closer to my creator in understanding how to become a better human. However, with that understanding, using stickers and cute washi makes it more fun and it‚Äôll draw my eyes to what I learned and wanted to remember. Do you bible study? Take notes in your bible? I highly suggest you try out the new Bible Journaling Stickers in your kits! They are so fun. Thanks for reading and happy March! Tory