Adding photos to your monthly view

Because why not try something new for the last month of what has been a crazy year? Here in Australia we are reaching our summer peek and so when Christmas is over a lot of us start our summer holidays.¬† Because of this I knew that once boxing day was over I'd have the car packed and off to our annual camping trip with family and friends and absolutely no service. No you read that right zilch.¬† Unless you make the trip into town that is a good 20 minute drive but the bakery is SO worth the trip.¬† So because of all the above mentioned I felt I wanted to mix things up a little to try something different when it came to sharing my month at a glance. Then I got the idea to do a photo a day!¬† There has been some trial and error as I'm in a personal size and so it doesn't leave a lot of room to play with, but I've now got it down pat and honestly I'm really loving this and I don't want to say anything I wont keep to...¬† But doing it in January is on my cards. Not all days have photos and that's ok.¬† this is where you can get creative, share your fave Christmas song/album, movie, item and so on.¬† This doesn't just apply to Christmas time.¬† If you were to take on something like this in the new year then you could still go with fave song, podcast, movie, food, coffee and so much MORE.¬† Or if you're like me, your pet, lol! I really hope that you'e enjoyed this share that I've created.¬† Something different yet I had a bunch of fun creating.   Wishing you all a safe and Merry Christmas from me, Kellie