A Pocket Full of Happiness

A Pocket Full of Happiness
Hello, friends!
Pockets are perfect for all kinds of paper crafting endeavors. They can be used in memory keeping using a pocket page format. You can combine them or add them to traveler's notebook inserts. For planners, they can be functional or they can be the perfect place for all the pretty embellishments. And while you can always fill pockets with pocket cards from the Doodles and Dashes Pocket Card Kit they can also serve as the perfect place to hold stickers and important papers.
Aimee combined her love of pocket pages with her love of traveler's notebook spreads! "I love pocket cards! I even love to use them in traveler's notebook-sized albums and page protectors. When I saw the ‚ÄúToday‚Äôs good mood‚Äù 3x4 card from the Doodles and Dashes Modern Memory Keeping Kit¬†I knew it must be used and it sparked the whole inspiration for this layout. For the left side of the page, I used the washi tape from the Doodles and Dashes Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit to create a skinny border along the top and bottom of the page. I decided to use two of the black Instax-sized frames to hold my photos and lined them up in the center. To embellish alongside my photos I added some subtle stamping with the doodle circle stamp from the Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit and then layered a puffy leaf sprig sticker over top. I kept each photo's treatment the same to keep some continuity within the spread. I decided I wanted to cut up one of the Modern Memory Keeping Kit¬† 3x4 cards to use as embellishments so I trimmed out the little squares and roughed them up with the edge of my scissors and used them as I would typically use diecuts! I love the result of that. Next, I made sure to add my journaling and a splattering of Heidi Swapp gold color shine to my filler card. Now all that's left to do is slip everything into their designated pockets. I love how wonderfully simple pocket cards can be but also how much extra time you can spend dressing them up or even turning them into something else entirely! The possibilities are endless." https://youtu.be/Wx48nqWnvH8   When you don't have a pocket, you make one, as Belinda shows us here!
"Whilst setting up my Doodles and Dashes Simple Dori from the Doodles and Dashes Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit, I decided to make a pocket on the inside cover.
From the Doodles and Dashes Dashboards Kit I choose a pretty floral dashboard which I fussy cut out around the flowers. Next, I laminated it to create a transparent pocket front. Using some sticky tape/cello tape I adhered it to the inside cover.
I found the pocket was the perfect size for the smaller sticker sheets, like the ones from the Doodles and Dashes Planner Add-On Kit.
I made some cute bow tags using the gorgeous kit papers. I made one bow using the Floral Washi Tape from the Doodles and Dashes Planner Kit and the other using the lovely Green Blow Clip from the Planner Add-On Kit."
What is Jennie's favorite part about pocket page scrapbooking? Embellishing the pocket cards, of course!
"Pocket pages are SO fun, but I find I do not do them that often. However, when I do, dressing up the cards is one of my favorite parts. And with the Doodles and Dashes Modern Memory Keeping Kit, you have plenty to work with!
It's easy to do - a journaling card with some stamping. Or, a simple die-cut on a decorative card. Why stop there? Why not add a glitter dot or two to dress up the die-cut? Maybe a puffy sticker, too?
You don't have to feel like you have to go crazy, a simple dressed-up corner or peeking out from under a photo will make your pockets look extra special!"
We have pockets full of happiness, don't you think? Do you like using pockets in your memory keeping, planning or journaling? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


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