A Look Through My June Planner

Hello Cocoa Daisy fans.  I'm here today to share what my planner looks like when the month is almost over and if you've seen my posts before then you'll know I use my trusty little typewriter.  I thought it would be fun to share a little of everything I do and what it looks like. When my kit arrives and after filming the unboxing I get right to work setting my planner up.  I mean can you really blame me?  After going through everything and touching it all my hands are eager.  I now have a YouTube channel that I'm working on getting more content up.  If you like fast hyper laps videos and no music with relative short videos then my channel is for you, haha. When I open my planner the pockets used to be full of the mini sticker sheets to use on the go, but when it's close to the end of the month like now, they are generally all used.  No more hoarding the things I love, it was my main thing for 2020 and with times these days I focus on anything that brings me joy. I like to highlight the days on the calendar.  Not real reason behind it.  I do like crossing things off on my to do lists, maybe it's the same thing, haha? First in my planner after the dashboard calendar I set up a cover for the beginning of my gratitude journal of sorts and this month I went with the golden animal print.  I love EVERYTHING leopard print in general and so this kit was a match for me! I really like to use this part of the planner as a gratitude journal as I mentioned above and on the opposite side I always write a note to myself.  Sometimes I'll do this at the beginning of the week and others I'll do it after the week has come to an end. This month instead of a one sentence a day I went with one word a day.  I thought this would be something fun to try and it was actually a little harder than one would think.  Some days if I had a really hard day or easy day, that was simple, but when I had all the emotions going on it was hard to narrow down just ONE word.  It will be something I will take over into July though along with the one sentence a day I feel. Currently July is next and as you can see I've really not gotten into this!  I do have notes to go back and add in when I find the time.  But doesn't it look great all put together? After Currently it only makes sense to have my goals for the month right?  I was going to use the page opposite to jot down things that happened while doing said June goals, but instead while crossing some of June goals off [not literally], I thought of new goals to set for July.  So before I forgot what they were, I'd type them in! Then we get to my FAVE part of my planner, my weekly planning.  I don't know why it's my fave?  could be all the stickers I get to play with setting it up, which I find super relaxing or the fact that it's still a form of memory keeping.  Have you ever thought of your planner like that?  Just because you don't add photos doesn't mean it's not memories once you read back over them.  Yup I use a typewriter for every single week.  Most of the times I will type in what I know and what I want to get done and then at the end of the week I will go back a type in something I want to remember. This month in between on the note pages I tried something new and done a menu plan and then typed out our shopping list of what I had to get to make the meal plan work.  This one was my favorite of them all and yup yet again I even type out this. After weekly we get to the calendar plans for the month of June and I think for July I'm gong to move my planer page around a little to have to more to the front to have at a glance and like a broken record I still use a typewriter, haha. NOW shock I don't often use a typewriter for my daily to do list and I don't often share it on my insta, not because of my handwriting even if I don't like it, it's more because it's for me personally and often has this, that and what ever else I need to do scribbled in there. So now let's reflect on what I pack into this one planner using the one kit.
  • calendar
  • gratitude
  • self love
  • one word a day
  • currently
  • goals
  • weekly planning
  • meal plan
  • shopping lists
  • monthly spread
  • to do lists
Not bad for the a planner kit huh?  Best of all you customize it yourself and make it to your liking! I hope you've enjoyed my share of my typewriter planner, haha! Happy Planning!