Wrap-up Wednesday: Summer Vibes

Wrap-up Wednesday: Summer Vibes
Hello, friends! As we wrap up the month of July, we are saying goodbye to the Summer Vibes Collection. I‚Äôm sharing all the ways I utilized this collection in my planners, journal, and memory planner! https://youtu.be/H1iUZZQm2Qg  

Summer Vibes Mini Daisy Dori

  I don't know what it is about the summer months, but they always have me reaching for smaller notebooks like this cutie. The Summer Vibes Mini Dori (a 3.5 x 5 passport-size notebook) was the perfect notebook to slip inside my passport-size wallet setup. I used the majority of the notebook for personal journaling and morning affirmations but I had the most fun using this notebook for simple spreads like this one. I had 5 minutes of downtime and a pile of die cuts from the Summer Vibes Planner Add-On Kit so I took the opportunity to get creative and I just love how it turned out.¬†     I had a "misfit" photo left over from memory planning so I decided to do a mini spread on the colorblock pages! This came together in a snap, thanks to the Alpha stamp from the Wander Modern Memory Keeping Kit and stickers from the Summer Vibes: Classified Memory Keeping Kit.  

Summer Vibes Weeks Daisy Dori

I had grand intentions with this notebook, but alas, not much follow-through. Hey, it happens! I did make this adorable monthly calendar on the open grid pages thanks to the Summer Vibes Calendar Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit. No measuring is needed; just add the stickers and go! You can the process in this Instagram Reel.  
Summer Vibes Personal Rings Setup
  Now THIS was a winner for me this month. This setup was so functional. thanks to a little planner hack to the Summer Vibes Personal Ring Inserts. I kept most of my nitty gritty planning on the daily pages and meal planning on the color block pages, which left the weeklies for the fun stuff! I played around with stickers from the Summer Vibes Daisy Weeks Sticker Kit my favorite sticker kit for this size. Check out this plan with me over on my Instagram to see these stickers in action.  

Classic Size Planner

My large catch-all planner was decked out with the Summer Vibes Collection too, specifically the Summer Vibes Classic Sticker Kit, sized perfectly for this style planner. I love that this sticker kit has functional items like icons, boxes, and checklists but also has plenty of fun elements like decorative boxes, quotes, and illustrations from the collection.¬†  

Memory Planner

Summer is typically a season where I take a step back from memory planning, so I used this collection to catch up on a few weeks from April. I see three of my favorite items from the collection on this page. First, the days of the week stamp from the Summer Vibes Planner Kit couldn't be more perfect for switching things up in my Daisy Planner, creating a week-on-one-page design. Second, the number stamp from the Summer Vibes Modern Memory Keeping Kit is a lovely size for this format, don't you think? Third, the alphas make every layout pop and create more visual interest.¬†     One of my favorite ways to use the Memory-Keeping Sticker Kit is for the sidebar in my Daisy Planner. The box stickers fit perfectly in the column, and it's the perfect spot for all the adorable quote stickers that come in the sticker kit, too. I may not have time to complete the spreads right now, but this gives me a little headstart and motivates me to come back and complete the pages when I am able to.   It is safe to say I really enjoyed my creative time with this collection and I hope you did, too!  

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator