What I Love: Daily Journal Planner Kits

What I Love: Daily Journal Planner Kits
Hello, friends! Are you digging into the Daily Journal Collection? If so, we bet you have a few favorites! Let's see what a member of our creative team said about what she loves.  

Kim Oedekoven: What I Love from Daily Journal

It's always hard to pick the three things I love and use the most. The papers almost make the cut but for now, my favorite items are the washi, die cuts, and the notepad.

Let's start with the always generous washi tape. When you get so much there are so many uses, there is no excuse not to try it out in abundance. I like to use washi to define the sections in my Daily Journal Standard Dori Insert, both vertical and horizontal. I also use it to create narrow tabs to define days on the side of my insert. So super easy when you use a Sharpie to write the date. Also, I use it to tape pieces of the notepad into my planner, to have it with me but not to be in it permanently.

This brings me to the next item I can't live without; the notepad from the Daily Journal Planner Kit I had no idea I would get attached to this little workhorse. Yes, it is great for lists; meal plans, grocery, and the like. But an added bonus is that it fits perfectly in the back of my planner so it's great to throw notes on real quick. I also love to cut them up and use them for decoration. In this case, I used them for sections opposite of the weekly view. It adds very little bulk, less than stickers, so you never have to feel like you'll run out of checklists anytime soon.

Die Cuts have always been part of my main planning routine. I LOVE the fact that they come adhesive-backed so I don't have to bring a bulky tape runner to finish a layout and can quickly add them to any layout even on the go. Die cuts like this film strip have negative space to play peekaboo to add some interest to a decorative cluster. I get more than enough small and large tabs to keep me happy the whole month long. See the setup in this video.
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