Weekly Documenting Made Easy!

Weekly Documenting Made Easy!
Hello, friends! Weekly documenting doesn't need to be complicated. You can add it to your regular planner or create a separate section for it. Our Creative Team shares their process using the Cactus Moon Collection, a few photos and their planners! Renee shows us how easy, and beautiful weekly documenting can be in the Daisy Planner. "This week I had lots of photos to add to my Memory Planner. When I have too many photos to fit into one day I like to create a 'flip up' so I can add extra photos as well as journaling underneath. To do this I cut a piece of cardstock the same width as the top photo, adhere the photo to cardstock, fold paper behind the photo then cut off the extra. To draw attention to the 'flip up' I like to add a tab to the top photo. On this layout, I took one of the flag-shaped stickers from the Cactus Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, stuck it down to a piece of paper to get rid of the sticky back to make it sturdier, then adhered it to my page with a staple. It overlaps the photo so it holds it into place. I wanted to add the 'Hello March' sticker to the left column of my layout but I wasn't sure whether the smaller sticker from the Cactus Moon Planner Sticker Kit would fit or if I needed to use the larger one from the Cactus Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit. To test which one would fit better, I placed both stickers on a piece of wax paper then positioned them over my layout. The larger one fits perfectly! If you are worried about lining up your letter stickers an easy trick is to place your letters on the edge of a ruler. Once they are all lined up, position the ruler where you what the letters to go, then press down to stick into place. I wanted to add a title to my journaling with the "HECK YEAH" stamp that came in the Cactus Moon Planner Add-On Kit. I am always scared to stamp directly onto my page so I stamped on a piece of white sticker paper then cut out and adhered to my layout. The blue letter stickers came from the Cactus Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit, the black letters came from the Cactus Moon Planner Kit. The Weekend banner, goal sticker, and stamp came from the Cactus Moon Planner Add-On Kit. All other stickers came from the Cactus Moon Memory Keeping Sticker Kit." Cheryl incorporates memory keeping into her planner setup so nicely!
"I plan in personal rings and save my inserts at the end of each month - the designs are so pretty I can't throw them away! By adding photos and journaling to mark what happened that month I have added a "diary" to these pages and another reason to keep them!
I use a Canon Selphy to print the photos I want to use. First I use an app on my phone to stitch several photos together and then print on a 4" x 6". After printing, I cut them apart and use double-sided sticky tape to adhere them. I keep the photos specific to each week and use the "blank" grid page on the reverse of a weekly spread.
The first page has photos of our kitty, who is so much easier to photograph than my almost grown-up kids. I used the stamp "LOVE" from Elegance Blooms Collection and die-cuts from Cactus Moon Collection. The floral washi tape from the Cactus Moon Planner Kit is gorgeous and so easy to use as an accent.
I love the pocket cards from the Cactus Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit and use them on dashboards, tip-ins, and as an added page! I needed extra room for photos and journaling so I placed a photo, washi, and a die-cut sticker on the reverse side of "I am not lazy..." I also trimmed one of the pattern papers to 3.75" x 6.75" to create more photo and journaling space.
The "Favorite" card from the Cactus Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit was perfect to document my day out with a good friend!
On the reverse of the patterned paper, I documented the surprise winter storm we had that weekend! I needed space to journal the storm so I used the "Everyday" pocket card and the puffy March sticker from the Cactus Moon Modern Memory Keeping Kit.
I love journaling in my planner - I have a reason to keep all the pretty planner pages and it truly documents my life.
I use binder rings to keep everything together once I remove it from my cover at the end of the month!"