Tiny Collages in a Pocket Page Layout!

Tiny Collages in a Pocket Page Layout!
Hello, friends! Pocket Cards are great on their own, but imagine the possibilities with collages scale-down onto pocket cards. Check out this project below to spark your creativity!

Traci Reed: Tiny Collages


As a passionate memory keeper, I am constantly seeking innovative ways to preserve cherished moments in a meaningful and artistic manner. One of my favorite go-to's when pocket scrapbooking is creating mini collages for all of my 3x4 and 4x6 pockets, each telling its own unique story.

Pocket cards, typically used in pocket-style scrapbooking, have always been a charming addition to memory albums. These small, rectangular cards act as convenient canvases for creative expression, providing a perfect backdrop for journaling, photos, and embellishments. However, I wanted to push the boundaries of pocket card creativity and turn them into mini collages that could stand on their own as unique pieces of art.

In order to accomplish this, your photos have to be significantly smaller than 3x4 so that you give your collage enough breathing room around the edges to add ephemera and die cuts. I trimmed my photos on this page to 2.5x3.25 to create a polaroid effect when I matted them on patterned cards from the Quiet Meadow Modern Memory Keeping Kit.

One of my favorite things to do on these little collages is to frame in both sides of the picture with a sticker or die cut to really focus the viewer’s eye where I want it to be - in this case on the butterfly! I used one floral die-cut on both sides of the card so I didn’t waste anything and then topped it with a few more die cuts and stickers to complete the collage.

To compliment my pocket page, I opted for a TN-sized insert from the Quiet Meadow Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. This created a visual divider for my album that will indicate a sub-story in the greater story of the place we were visiting without completely dividing this page out into its own spread.

On the back side (which is blank) I added a third photo with some fishtail banners I created from scraps from the collection, a title, and stamping, that way I could dedicate one pocket card to journaling!

Whether you're an avid pocket-style scrapbooker or someone looking for a fresh and unique approach to memory keeping, I highly recommend exploring the world of 3x4 pocket card collages. With the memory-keeping kits from the  Quiet Meadow Collection at your disposal, you'll unlock endless possibilities to express your creativity and preserve your cherished memories in a way that is truly one-of-a-kind.


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator