Sunshine and Selfies with Summer Vibes Kits

Hello friends! Selfies have become an integral part of our lives and incorporating them into our scrapbook layouts adds a personal touch to our albums. I'm a huge advocate for scrapbooking YOU.

Traci Reed: Tag! You're It! Scrap Those Sunny Selfies!


I'm a huge advocate for scrapbooking YOU. So today, I'm sharing how to create a stunning scrapbook layout using the Summer Vibes: Classified Memory Keeping Kit's 3x8 tags, along with papers from the Summer Vibes Modern Memory Keeping Kit and a cardstock hinge for a fun tag flip-out feature to hide your journaling. Let's dive in!

Begin by taking inspiration from the 3x8 tags included in the Summer Vibes: Classified Memory Keeping Kit. These tags serve as the foundation for your design. Use them as templates to trace and cut out additional tags from the patterned papers included in the Summer Vibes Modern Memory Keeping Kit. By doing this, you'll create more tags that match the overall theme, allowing for greater flexibility and creativity in your layout.

Now that you have a variety of tags, experiment with different arrangements on your scrapbook page. Play around with the sizes, orientations, and overlapping of the tags to create an appealing visual composition.

Adding a Tag Flip-Out

To add an interactive element to your layout, incorporate a tag flip-out to conceal your journaling. Take a cardstock hinge and attach it to the back of one of the tags, leaving a portion exposed. Attach another tag to the exposed portion of the hinge, creating a flip-out effect. This hidden space provides a private area for your thoughts, reflections, or captions related to the selfies as well as room for a secondary photo and title.

On the front of the tag, I used a journaling card from the Summer Vibes Modern Memory Keeping Kit as a bright focal point and also as an easy-to-grab flap to flip the tag open. Don't be afraid to roughen up the edges of your tags and cards for more visual interest.

Select your favorite selfies and adhere them to the designated spaces on your layout, I have one on the left-hand side of the spread and one inside the tag flap. Play with different angles, sizes, and orientations to create an interesting visual narrative. Consider adding embellishments like stickers, die cuts, or washi tape to enhance the overall look. The Summer Vibes Modern Memory Keeping Kit also contains puffy stickers and die cuts, as well as rub-ons to embellish and complement your design.

Once your selfies are in place, it's time to add your journaling. Open the tag flip-out and write down your thoughts, memories, or stories associated with the photos. On my journaling tag, I included rub-ons and puffy stickers for more visual interest!

Scrapbooking selfies is an excellent way to express your creativity and tell your own story. By using the 3x8 tags from the Summer Vibes: Classified Memory Keeping Kit, along with the papers and embellishments from the Summer Vibes Modern Memory Keeping Kit, you can create a unique and visually stunning layout. Adding a tag flip-out with hidden journaling adds an interactive element to your scrapbook, allowing you to share your stories in a fun and creative way. So gather your materials, select your best selfies, and let your creativity shine as you document

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator