Setup Saturday with Home Sweet Home!

Setup Saturday with Home Sweet Home!

Hello, friends!

It’s Setup Saturday and that means our first look at how we’re using the Home Sweet Home Collection for planning!


Kim Oedekoven: Setup Saturday



This little A6 size booklet from the Home Sweet Home Main Planner Kit is a such a great Holiday Helper, I wanted to bring it with me on the go. A protective cover for it with an added pocket too seemed like the perfect thing to either carry in my Travelers Notebook or on its own.


I first folded over the two edges of a Kit Paper so the interior would be 4.5 inches on each side of the center fold and tacked down the top and bottom of each flap to create a pocket. The opposite side of the pocket where the Holiday planner would go I used my circle cutter to create a notch where papers and receipts will go. To continue the plaid on the pocket, I placed the cut away semi circle on the edge and placed a sticker in between the two circles.



Even with a travelers notebook where I could use the acrylic bookmark from the main planner notebook, I wanted it to be available to use without it sliding out. I punched a 1/8 inch hole on the top and bottom of both the bookmark and the cover I just made and threaded a small piece of elastic through both.


On the opposite side of the bookmark I placed the Hello Autumn long sticky notes from the Home Sweet Home Main Planner Kit. This is how Christine has planned them to be used together but I love my adaptation to be both decoration and functionality as well.


The cover has an extra piece of kit paper on it for quick note taking or lists during this busy holiday season and a paper clip for on the go paper sorting. Enjoy this holiday season with an organized and functional plan!


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