Setup Saturday: Lillian's Garden Collection

Setup Saturday: Lillian's Garden Collection
Hello, friends! We are ready for May, and with the Lillian's Garden Collection, your planner can be ready, too!  

Kim Oedekoven: Standard Dori Setup


Every month I always enjoy coming up with fresh ideas to use my favorite parts of each kit in a new way. With the Lillian's Garden Collection, I wanted to focus on pockets. There is an easy way to use your paper to achieve this but also your specialty paper in each kit works well too.

Folding over the edge of the paper from the Lillian’s Garden Planner Kit makes a natural pocket. Once folded, I laminated it for sturdiness and to "adhere" the top and bottom edges. Then taking a Xacto knife, slit the lamination right on that seam to make a pocket!
On the back side, I did use one of the adhesive pockets from the Lillians Garden Classified Planner Kit to add some additional storage. I love how these are opaque too so the vellum does stay pretty transparent in the decorations too!
I couldn't go the whole month without a set up of my garden with a garden-themed kit, could I?! Using the packaging from the Lillians Garden Classified Planner Kit, I made a mock-up of our tiny garden area, leaving it a little blank because tomatoes are the only thing that I have for sure on my mind for planting.

With cascading note paper and washi from Lillian’s Garden Planner Kitas well, I've set up different pull-off shopping lists for my garden including Fertilizers, Garden Helps, Patio items needed, and of course Plants. Sure makes it easy to grab one and head off to make my outdoor space as delightful as the artwork in this kit.


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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator