Routine of Gratitude Each Day with a Self Love Note.

If you've seen my blog posts here before then you may notice something very different this time around?  Can you guess by a quick scroll down?  I've used my own handwriting.  Not a huge deal, but I'm usually known as the girl that uses a typewriter in her planner every month.  Something about this month with the floral patterns screamed, DO IT!  So I did and honestly it was amazing.  I'm one of those types of people that has always had a love hate relationship with their own handwriting.  I know I'm not alone.  ONTO the month and enough about handwriting, haha.  Let me show you my gratitude for August thus far. When I saw the dashboard, find beauty in the chaos, I knew instantly it would be perfect for the beginning of my gratitude section.  I mean lately isn't that what gratitude is all about with everything being so unknown in the world? Right now in Australia where I'm from in the rural country, we're in stage 3 lock down. Now that's chaos! I even gave myself a little love note and pep talk about using my own handwriting for August.  It started out it was only going to be for the gratitude section, but I did it for the whole planner. I tend to fill in my gratitude the day after for the day before.  It's fresh in my mind and sometimes doing something in the morning like gratitude can change your whole outlook on the day? You don't have to show gratitude from something that actually happened.  Gratitude is so open.  It can be a feeling, a thought, a vibe, a want or a need.  For this week it was my birthday week, I was grateful for many things and one of them was feeling loved. Does sharing my gratitude journal online make me feel vulnerable?  Sure some days.  It's more so my Dear Self notes if I'm honest.  But I know by doing so it might encourage someone else that day to look into or even start doing it themselves  That is what makes it all worth it. The above has to be my fave week for my gratitude section.  I don't know why really.  Everything just flows together so nicely.  it's busy but not too busy and it's so colourful, really what's not to love about colour? I really needed that pep talk to myself, above.  Sometimes with all that's going on I can get a bit lost within my own thoughts and I needed to realise that I'm lucky, alive and healthy, keep living even if it is the new normal. I hope that by sharing this with all you planner babes, you might think about doing this with your September kit, because man oh man if that isn't the perfect kit to start something with, I really don't know what is?!. Always grateful for a new week and new beginnings.  Often people wait for a new month or a new year, but we have a new beginning each week! Side little note, did you know the tassel from the planner pouch can also make a cute little charm on your planner?  Loving these two together.