Rainy Day Reflections with the Meadow Collection

Rainy Day Reflections with the Meadow Collection
Hello, friends! A rainy day sparks a variety of emotions for people, with some delighting in a cozy day inside all the way to frustration and annoyance with the inability to go outside and feel the sunshine. Whether or not you love, like, or thoroughly dislike rain, it is something everyone can tell a rainy day story, and what better collection to do so than the Meadow Collection. As Jil demonstrates, even mixed emotions about rainy days deserve a little documenting! My traveler's notebook page expresses my ambivalence about rain. It was raining hard outside while I was writing my journaling, and that seemed peaceful. At the same time, I was grateful that the prior weekend was rainy only on Saturday. So the cheery butterfly stamp from the Meadow Modern Memory Keeping Kit and rainbow washi tape reinforce the feelings I had when snapping my photo on Saturday while restless about all the rain.   Of course, so does the "rain rain go away" die cut from the Meadow Classified: Memory Keeping Kit. I matted my photo with my favorite tiny flower paper from the Meadow Collection. I love the Meadow Memory Keeping Stamps in the collection, and I used the "when skies are grey" stamp on one of the circle die-cuts from the kit. The umbrella die-cut was certainly appropriate (especially since I write in my journaling about how my dog invariably attacks my umbrella when I unfurl it). On the left side of the spread, I stamped another sentiment stamp and the butterfly on two circle labels. On a third one, I guide the eye to my journaling with the rainy days arrow stamp. The message of the small chipboard circle? Rain is a reminder that spring is here! Needless to say, the raindrop enamel dots were perfect for my finishing touch, especially when combined with a few raindrops from the rub-on sheets included in the Meadow memory-keeping kits. Despite her dislike for the rain, Jennie shares a fond memory in this rainy reflection.
I don't love the rain. Luckily, I live in Southern California, where it rarely rains.
My son and I were discussing this day that I am documenting in this layout.
We were talking about the details and I felt such fondness for this day and decided I would tell the story. We got drenched and so this Meadow Collection was the perfect one to tell the story.
The umbrellas cascading down the page sum up the feeling perfectly and I decided to mimic the effect on the right-hand side of the page with other rainy embellishments.
The bonus is that the raindrops appear to fall into our photo of us where we are drenched! Check out this process video to see this spread come together.
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