Product Feature: Planner Papers

Product Feature: Planner Papers
Hello, friends! We have an awesome tutorial for you today, featuring the planner papers and the opportunity to create extra storage in your traveler's notebook.

Kim Oedokeven: Planner Paper Accordian Pocket


I got out one of my original Travelers notebooks which perfectly matches the Summer Vibes Planner Kit. The only problem is that it doesn't have any interior pockets. You might be in the same boat for yours or another planner that doesn't which is why I've come up with an easy way to have a stash of receipts, lists, and whatever else all organized for you on the go with an accordion file folder.

It looks complicated but it is such an easy process. You only need 2 pieces of paper from the Summer Vibes Planner Kit are needed. Both need to be trimmed down to the width of the TN - about 8.25 - 8.5 inches wide. But don't throw out your trimmed pieces, you will need those too. I only had the cover from the Travelers Notebook and 1 piece of paper so that works too! Staple those together in the middle and put the paper on the right-hand side.
Next, take two of those scrap pieces and cut them in half lengthwise. Now, fan-fold them back and forth about 1/4 inch wide. Glue them along the edge of the back and middle paper and again between the middle top papers to create two pockets.
I didn't want the pocket to slide out of my Travelers notebook, so I cut another paper scrap piece, cut it in lengthwise, and glued it to the inside of the back cover of our file folder. Then placed two 2.5-inch slits on the top of the file folder so that if I wanted it closed I could just weave it in and out of those slits.

The inside cover is a great place for jotting down expenditures, or bills to pay. I just jazzed mine up a bit by using the notepaper from the Summer Vibes Planner Kit as well as some die cuts too. Now all you have to do is slip this cover under an elastic and you'll have a place to put all those pesky receipts!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator