Pocket Card Mini Album with Take Flight Kits

Pocket Card Mini Album with Take Flight Kits

Hello, friends!

Are you looking for pocket card project ideas that don't involve pocket page scrapbooking? Use the inspiration from today's post to create a mini album!

Traci Reed: Pocket Card Mini Album


Because I don’t find myself pocket scraping as much as I used to, I often find myself with an overabundance of cards that didn’t get incorporated into my regular pages or story journal at the end of the month, so I love a good project that helps me use them up in a FUN way!

This month, I decided to use the journal cards from the Take Flight Modern Memory Keeping Kit to create an adorable double-sided accordion album.



This was super simple to do by using an 8.5x11 piece of card stock and trimming it into (2) 4x11” strips that are scored every 3 inches. This will give you 3 3x4” rectangles and one 2x4” rectangle on each strip. Accordion fold along the score lines and then glue the two short ends overlapping so that you create a 3x4” base where there were (2) 2x4” flaps. You now have an accordion folded album base with 7 3x4” rectangles to build upon. I ended up cutting off the 7th and only using 6.



Now you can start applying your cards to the base in fun ways! I alternated between single 3x4 cards directly applied, folded 4x6 cards:



And pockets with tags created by trimming down 3x4 cards.



This makes the album more fun and interesting by being interactive.

I then went through and added photo placeholder spots with the dimensions written on the placeholder for ease of assembly down the line when I’m ready to finish the album.



Finally, I adhered the string included in the Take Flight Modern Memory Keeping Kit to the back of the album with liquid glue and then used a sentiment I cut out of one of the journaling cards as a half circle over the top to hold it down. The string ties in the front of the album to close it.



What I love about this album is that you can flip it open like a book:



Or you can fully open it up and look at it as one big page front and back!


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