Planning Process with Summer Vibes

Planning Process with Summer Vibes
Hello friends! Planning is a personal practice but one that can be inspired by the practices of others. Keep reading to gain a few planning tips from our Creative Team!  

Natasha Pytlik: Planning Process with Summer Vibes Kit

For today’s Plan with Me, I am sharing my three-step planning process using the cute and adorable Summer Vibes Collection which is my favorite collection of 2023 thus far! The bright colors make me so happy and brighten up the week.
I think it’s important as planners, no matter if we identify as being more decorative or functional in our style, to return to our planning process a few times a year to make sure we are meeting our planning needs. It’s also a fun opportunity to try something new, perhaps an idea you’ve found here on the Cocoa Daisy Blog.
My planning process right now looks like this:
Brain Dump/ Thought Download
Weekly List Set Up
Weekly Spread

Brain Dump/ Thought Download

This section is the least cute out of the three but absolutely necessary because I find I need to organize my thoughts prior to planning out the week. And for my thoughts to be organized I need to visually see them on paper- having everything clear and organized right out of my brain isn’t easy. I used to feel really bad about this but instead of fighting it, I’ve embraced it.

I am currently doing a thought download mostly Monday-Friday in partnership with my journaling practice. I have used the grid pages in between the weekly spreads in the B6 Cocoa Daisy Inserts, as well as the  Daisy Dori's in the past but this past month I have been using a separate journal.

I do like to add some washi and stickers from the Summer Vibes Collection to jazz up my pages. Alpha stickers are always great to throw in as well.

Weekly List Set Up

With my Summer Vibes B6 Cocoa Daisy Inserts, I primarily use the weekly spread pages for lists. The next step in my process is to take all the scribbles from my brain dump download and put it into buckets aka lists. I use these lists as a reference throughout the week. Some items land inside my weekly spread layout in my home base planner, and others that are more nitty gritty daily tasks hang out in my list spread, until I daily plan.

Weekly Spread Set Up

I have been using a spiral-bound planner as my home base planner for 2023 and I love adding my Cocoa Daisy products to this planner especially the Summer Vibes Planner Add-On Kit and the Summer Vibes Planner Kit. I have mentioned this before but I like to stick to rub-ons, stamps, and a few stickers in this planner.

I am fully obsessed with this month’s planner stamp set with the days of the week from the Summer Vibes Planner Kit! I know that will be in full rotation! I recommend using a color that isn’t too dark when layering on existing text to make the stamping pop but still will be legible. It’s such a good feeling to find a planning routine that flows so well with the Cocoa Daisy collections!

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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator