Plan As I Go with Serengeti Kit

Plan As I Go with Serengeti Kit
Hey Planner, friends! Rachel here, and I am sharing a week inside my main planner! Rather than posting a Plan with Me, I thought I would share a "Plan As I Go" post, showing you how I my planner gets filled in as the week progresses. So let's start with my supplies! For this spread, I used stickers from a variety of the Cocoa Daisy Serengeti Kits, with an emphasis on the Classic Planner Sticker Kit. Isn't it so awesome that the Classic Planer Sticker Kit was designed to fit inside the Classic Size Happy Planner?

Here is a look at what how this week started out in my planner. I placed the decorative boxes from the Classic Planner Sticker kit across the top of the weekly boxes.Going into the week, I knew there would not be too much going on, which meant more room for big, decorative elements like those beautiful boxes. Next, I pulled the washi from this month's kits to make a few decorative washi clusters. I used blank boxes to mark down events that I knew about, created a few checklists, and setup my sidebar for the week ahead. The foundation of the week was ready for the notes and to-do's I would eventually add as the week went by.

On Tuesday, I filled in a few items of note from Monday, added to my Tuesday checklist and filled in the Menu plan and habit tracker (that I forgot to do Monday!). One of my absolutely favorite type of planner stickers are functional icons. The icons help direct my attention quickly to things I don't want to forget.


During my planner session on Wednesday, I made a plan for the day, and corrected a mistake by adding a label sticker over what wrote on the clipboard sticker. Thursday, I did not even open my planner (oops!) and I think many of us can relate to that! And, now to Friday! You can see that even though I didn't have much on the page at the beginning of the week, I always seem to find a way to fill the space! For Friday, I added a checklist using dot stickers. I also added an event to Saturday by turning one of the quarter box stickers sideway and adding the coffee sticker.

And once again, open space means an opportunity to decorate. I used some stickers to add a cluster on Thursday and added a clear quote sticker to Friday!

And there you have it! A week from start to (almost) finish in my planner. Make sure to check out my "Plan As I Go" video on my YouTube Channel to see this process in action. I hope you enjoyed this week in my planner. Until next time!