Our November Memory Keeping Guest Checked Off A Bucket List Item This Year

Our November Memory Keeping Guest Checked Off A Bucket List Item This Year
Our Memory Keeping guest designer for November was the oh-so-talented Erica Webster. We have loved getting to know her better this month through both her work and her answers to our questions. If you haven't had a chance to meet Erica, read on, you won't be sorry! When is the best thing that's happened to you in the last year? After putting it off and constantly making excuses (i.e. I can’t leave my cat) I finally decided to enlist in the Air Force and landed my dream job as a photo and broadcast journalist. How would you describe your life aesthetic? My life aesthetic is to surround myself with things that make me happy, balanced and at ease. For me it’s a witchy/gothic meshed with a California beach vibe… odd but it works. Think lots of black with deep vibrant colors or shades of blue, spiritual stuff, plants, astrology, skulls, shells, water, books, and a closet full of doc martens and vans. If you were in a circus, what would your job be? Fortune Teller What does your ideal day look like? Waking up late, sharing a coffee with my fiancé, working out while listening to the loudest music possible, do some journaling/art, cooking dinner, and maybe finishing out the day with some video games or a movie. If your life were a song, what band/artist/composer would best capture it? This is a hard one, but I’d have to say a combination of Foo Fighters, Gorillaz or Incubus. Guitars and drums with good lyrics are a requirement so all three would do an excellent job at capturing my life. Where do you feel most at home? Somewhere near a beach with a lot of blankets, pillows, my cat and fiancé, and high-speed internet. If your life were a novel, what would the title be? The Notorious Erica Where have you traveled that stayed with you? I did a homestay with a family in Mexico for 3 weeks and it was the first time I got to truly see how others outside of America live. I learned a lot and it was phenomenal to be immersed in another culture for a bit. Share three of your bucket list items with us. I just checked one off (see number 1), I also want to travel to at least 4 continents in my life, get my pilots license, and learn to play the guitar. If you were a superhero, what would your name be and what superpower would you have? Gaia, my power would be controlling the elements and nature Follow Erica on Instagram at snap.write.create and then check out her full Pinterest gallery for Acorn Lane.
Here are some of Erica's projects with a short explanation of each: I have been wanting to do a travelers notebook for a long time so I was thrilled to get this kit. At first, I was stuck about how to use some of it because while it's fall, I haven't had a chance to do any of the things I'd normally do this time of the year. So I went about it a little differently since the theme surrounding Acorn Lane and November is gratitude and thanks, I decided to document my journey thus far in my military career because I am thankful for the opportunity to serve AND do something I love, photography. I ordered photos I've taken over the past five months here and started writing about some of my fun experiences and observations I've had. As hectic as things have been for this year, I finally had the chance to sit back, reflect, and document what's happened.
This kit was a blast to use, I was able to stretch my imagination and create on a much smaller scale. I don't have any of my supplies, no cutting machine, strings, ink, or stamps so I was struggling to work with just tape, scissors, a few photos, and what was included in the kit. Through this process, I realized you can still document and create with very little. I got inspiration from the included "Living the Mug Life" layout included in the kit and cut out some leaves from the paper for one of my layouts, I would have never thought of doing that.
The traveler's notebook is like a mix of scrapbooking and journaling in one and definitely something I'm going to continue doing moving forward!
Let's be real, who has really used their planner in 2020? But seriously, no matter how little I'm doing, it is still helpful to have one around. Because I'm constantly on the move and my space now is regulated to a shared dorm room, I moved to a more simple planner. I cut up some old Happy Planner dotted paper and I draw my own squares or circles for the week then decorate the same way I do with my journaling. I tend to keep these ones a little more simple because it's my words and plans that are important, the decorations come second.
I usually stick with smaller stickers to create borders and the leaves worked perfectly for adding something to my layout without overwhelming it. I keep the bordered boxes to highlight something important for the day like a test or appointment, those stick out to me as reminders that I need to be mindful of something that day.
I love journaling, it's the one thing that I do to help me unwind and get my thoughts onto paper. I came up with this style of journaling when I stopped doing a lot of planning but still had stickers and planner space left. This allowed me to still be creative in a new way and use the products I had sitting around. I usually set the entire month up at once so when I'm ready to write I can just let it flow, then if I have any extra space or want to add more stickers, I can.
If there is any one crafting item I hoard, its stickers, for some reason I'm always afraid to use them. Even with this kit I kept hesitating to use them because I love all things fall. Finally I told myself to just go for it and the moment I start putting them down on paper, that is when everything comes together for me. There definitely needed to be more hedgehog stickers here because they're so friggin cute.