Memory Planning with Home Sweet Home Kits

Memory Planning with Home Sweet Home Kits

 Hello, friends!

Memory Planning is a great way to combine memory keeping, journaling and planning into one easy to use format! Cocoa Daisy has everything you need to get started!


Jennie McGarvey: Memory Planning with Home Sweet Home






At first glance, there was one thing that really drew me into the Home Sweet Home Collection and that is the color palette. It's so soothing and neutral that I knew I would love it all of November.



This memory planner layout is truly like all of my others and there's comfort in that. It's predictable and I've found a formula that really encapsulates what I love in a memory planner. One thing that makes this layout like the others is that I have too many photos. The other is that I lean heavily on stickers to decorate my memories. I love this because I get to be creative and enjoy myself, but it's also easy, and that makes this project perfect for me!



I love using all of Cocoa Daisy's sticker kits & stickers in my memory planner. However, I have found the long stickers in the Home Sweet Home Modern Memory Keeping Kit are wonderful in that sidebar in the Daisy Planner. They fill space and really define the overall week. Then, I'm able to load up on photos and put smaller accents the rest of the week without feeling like I didn't decorate since I have such a big element in my sidebar. This works so well, especially on those weeks when I have almost too many photos!



The Home Sweet Home Memory Keeping Sticker Kit and Home Sweet Home Classic Sticker Kit help me add all of the things to my memory planner beautifully but also easily. By using the decorative and functional stickers I can tell the stories of our weeks and days in a chronological fashion that I know will be a treasure for my family in years to come.






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