Keeping Track of what’s important to you.

Keeping Track of what’s important to you.

Keeping Track of different areas of your life can help you keep organised, keep healthy and allow you look back and see how you have faired mentally and physically.

So in April I am going to be taking advantage of the Cocoa Daisy coordinating Printable Trackers offered to Track my Medication, Mood and Fitness/Exercise.

TRACKING MY MEDS  Pre-Colored (Checked Tracking)

For Tracking my Daily Meds, I just want a reminder that ‘Yes’ I have taken my tablet for today.  So I have decided to pre-color each day and have a sticker to check each day off as I take my tablet.

Firstly I printed the A5 size Tracker I wished to use on sticker paper.  I am using my Brother Scan N Cut to kiss cut out the daily element stickers.  (If you do not have a cutting machine there are alternative instructions in my Fitness Tracking below)


Then I printed out the same size Tracker to use in my planner.  I am going to cut out the Tracker design and paste it onto one of the pages in my planner.

Now it’s time to pre-color the Tracker stickers.  I am going to color them in with colored pencils.

Now each day when I take my tablet I just use the corresponding days sticker and pop it on the Tracker in my planner.

TRACKING MY MOOD Color as you go

Each day I want to Track how I am feeling.  My energy levels and general wellbeing.

Tip: I wrapped a little washi around the end of the color pencils I selected to remember which shades I was using as the pencils aren’t numbered.

I started my Mood Tracker by selecting the standard Tracker size and printed it out.

Next I cut out the Tracker design and Color Key which I wanted to paste into my planner.

I have chosen the following Color Key to show my mood each day.

Happy - Yellow Energetic - Green Lethargic - Purple Sad - Blue Sore - Red

As I color in my Mood I will represent one or more colors to best show my mood and feelings for that day.

TRACKING MY FITNESS Pre-color (Checked Tracking)

For my Fitness and Exercise Tracker I have chosen the B6 size Tracker to use in my planner.

As currently my only form of exercise is walking, I just want to Track how active I am this month.

So I am going to print 2 copies of the Tracker I want to use.  One copy for my Planner and one that I will pre-color.

Time to fussy cut out the daily design elements to glue in on the days I exercise.

Tip:  I hole punched the glassine bag from the Planner Kit to hold all my fussy cut elements. ———————————————————

Let me know in the comments what you like to track and don’t forget to share in the Cocoa Daisy Fans Facebook Group.