Fresh Starts & Minimal Planning: A look at the first week of April

Hi friends! Welcome back to Cocoa Daisy Blog! I'm so excited to share my first week in my B6 planner. March was crazy for me personally, I switched my planner 3 different times and felt out of sorts in the planning department. I found that the b6 size is my happy place, and so I'm loving the start of a fresh month! I feel like I have found my planner peace for now, and with the fresh new April Kit: Poppy Seeds it makes it easy to feel like spring! Especially with the weather we are having in Alaska, it's nice to have the added pop of color and inspirational quotes! I have found that I setup my planner the same way each month. I love looking at and admiring other planners with a plethora of stickers, but I don't seem to find my groove with adding more than one or two stickers at a time. Cocoa Daisy kits allow me to be creative, but in my own style, which I love and adore! Here's the run down for my first week in my planner for the start of April: First, I always love to have a cover page with some added paper bags, of course I always stick a quote sticker and use the letter stickers for a header! I love the minimal planning but this Cocoa Daisy Kit Poppy Fields really has stretched my creative side. It's still minimal, but love the pops of color! Next, it's my monthly calendar. We have a full packed schedule so having one place for all the appointments and reminders is important. It's a quick way  for me to quickly glance and see what is happening for the month for work, church, kids, classes, etc. Up next is one of my most favorite sections, my habit tracker. I don't really have much room to decorate, but it's an important section that keeps me on track with all my goals. I highly recommend tracking important things in your planner if you don't. It'll most likely change your habits and help remind you! Again, the next section has minimal stickers but is so important for me to write in before bed. My gratitude section is something that I will never not have in my planner. Now for the decor part of my planner, the weekly spread! I have gone back and forth between weekly planning and daily planning. My conclusion, and what makes my heart happy and content is the fact that I can plan my week on 2 pages and see everything that I need to do for the week. I love using the stickers for this section of my planner. Using the washi tape for the bottom is cute too! Instead of planning on daily pages, I use those pages for journaling. I love having my planner and journal in one book, and the Cocoa Daisy stickers are so versatile! My minimal planning allows me to stretch the usage of the stickers all month and beyond if I wanted!! I guess the moral of this post is, no matter your planning, journaling, or scrapbooking style, Cocoa Daisy kits are so versatile that they can work with any type! It's so fun using these different stickers an washi tapes that I wouldn't chose for myself in my adorned planner/journal. I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone if you're on the fence! You won't be disappointed! Xoxo, Tory