Flip Through Friday: Memory Planner Edition

Flip Through Friday: Memory Planner Edition
Hello, Friends! We have a super fun post to share with you, featuring the Cocoa Daisy Daisy Planner! June is coming to an end, which means it is almost time to jump into our new Daisy Planners. But, before we do, we asked a few members of the Creative Team to share a flip through of their Daisy Planner, share their favorite tools, and tips for staying on track. First up, we have a very special guest sharing her memory planner. It's Christine!

“I love to use a lot of stamping and stickers in my memory planner. The layout has the Monday through Friday vertically, with Saturday and Sunday horizontally. This helps you create visual interest with layers by allowing vertical and horizontal elements on your page.

I admit, I am a little behind in completing the journaling for each spread, but I am ok with that. Better to have most of the page completed than nothing completed, right? My process includes adding the photos first, embellishing next, and journaling last.

To keep consistency throughout the months, I used the Number Stamp to date the days of the week. In the week number section, I like to create a title for the week. Like a traditional scrapbook layout, having a title gives the spread a cohesion and focus that sometimes can get lost in memory planner spreads. I also like to stick with the Cocoa Daisy Collection for the month it released.

In May, I began playing around with the size and alignment of the photos. The layout allows for lots of photos or just a few, depending on your memory-keeping needs for a particular week. When I don’t have many photos, I simply embellish more with stamps or I add a large photo to take up space on the page."

Check out Christine's full flip through below. [embed]https://youtu.be/iCkUq_9sEfo[/embed] Next, we have Natasha, who choose the unbound version and punched it for the discbound format. Memory Planning has been my favorite form of memory keeping ever since I got started. The Cocoa Daisy Daisy Planner is a great canvas with a neutral palette that lends itself to a variety of layout styles. As a paper crafter who likes to mix things up, especially in her planner, the flexibility of this planner works well for me. Today, I have two of my most favorite layouts to share with you that showcase two very different ways you can document your everyday moments in your Daisy Planner. I'll also be sharing a flip through of 2021 so far! The first layout I wanted to share with you is a "Project Life" style layout using journaling cards as the primary design for this week. I adhered the cards directly onto the planner pages and I think it's almost impossible to tell. I love how great this layout looks, especially when working with some smaller style photos or weeks when I do not have that many photos to document. Even without photos, the journal cards that you select can really help facilitate the documentation of that week! Another favorite of mine that I wanted to highlight is this layout I most recently created using the My Escape Collection. This week I used the vertical style layout in a more traditional way.¬† As you will see in my flip through, my typical style is a little more "off the grid" to keep this format fresh and interesting. One of my main tips in getting started with memory planning is pre-selecting the main products you want to use. I think making just a few decisions prior to getting started helps with the overwhelm and decision fatigue that can often come when getting a new project started. This is especially true when there are so many beautiful products to work with! As an example, in this week‚Äôs layout, I primarily decorated with stickers. I am so pleased with how it turned out! My memory planner and style have changed throughout the years but it still remains my number one paper crafting project! I hope seeing my flip through gives you a little nudge of inspiration to get started or continue documenting your everyday memories. [embed]https://youtu.be/KModwSTH6xY[/embed]   I, too, love memory planning and have definitely found my groove with the Daisy Planner in 2021. We are halfway through this year, and my memory planner is stuffed full of memories. To have the most flexibility with this format, I opted for the unbound version and discpunched it myself. The ability to add various inserts, pocket pages, and ephemera while also being able to remove pages was key to my success in this memory-keeping system. I use a smaller, more compact version to work with and place my completed weeks on a larger set of discs (available in the Cocoa Daisy Store). There were a few techniques I used repeatedly to streamline my process, keep me on track and stretch my creativity. First, I played around with both weekly formats. This planner comes with both vertical and horizontal weekly spreads and I used both interchangeably. The format I used was determined by the style I was going for. For this week, I used the horizontal weekly spread, but I covered the days of the week to create a grid layout and an overview of our trip to Memphis. I was inspired by Natasha to create this spread and focused on repeating elements like the decorative boxes made with pattern papers, die-cuts, stickers, and stamps from the My Escape Collection. As you can see, the horizontal weekly spread creates the perfect structure for this layout and was easy to alter for my particular memory-keeping needs. I love the freedom to combine memory-keeping styles found in a traveler‚Äôs notebook or pocket page spreads and adapting it for my memory planner. This is a technique I use regularly. This page utilizes several products from the Wisteria Lane Collection to replicate a two-page spread you might find in a traveler‚Äôs notebook. Mixing up the size of your embellishments, like this large tag from the Wisteria Lange Classified: Memory Keeping Kit creates visual interest and a place to tell a larger story. Changing up the placement of your photos is also a great way to highlight unique moments from your week. This page is basically a 6x8 pocket page spread, with all the elements adhered directly to the page. This spread works for those weeks in your memory planner when you have only a few stories to tell. Here, I used the Wisteria Lane Pocket Cards as the foundation for my spread. Alphas Stickers are also a favorite embellishment to draw attention to a word or phrase. I‚Äôm so excited to share this flip through with you. I am grateful to find a memory-keeping format that really works for me! [embed]https://youtu.be/j5A6OPhu3Zc[/embed]   Do you keep a memory planner? Share with us by tagging @cocoa_daisy on social media or posting to the Cocoa Daisy Fan Page. Make sure to visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.


Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator