DIY Bookmarks with Bookish!

DIY Bookmarks with Bookish!
Hello, friends! The Bookish Collection has everything you need to design your own custom bookmarks. With these tips and techniques in this blog post, you can create bookmarks and planner page markers with every collection!    

Kim Oedekoven: DIY Bookmarks for Books, Planners, and Journals  

What's better than making bookmarks from the appropriately titled Bookish Collection? While I did make them for use in a book, they are equally helpful in my Bookish Standard Daisy Dori Planner pages. Let's talk about how I quickly made them.

I've seen people fold the paper before to make these to place over the corner of some pages to mark where they left off but this works just as fine in my planner. I started with the smaller adhesive pocket, trimmed, from the Bookish Classified Planner Kit.

I placed it on some leftover packaging. Added stickers on both sides to decorate then added a tab from the Bookish Planner Add-On Kit .

The next one started with packaging, again, then using the washi from the Bookish Planner Add-On Kit as inspiration, made two flowers from the remains of a Bookish Planner Kit paper.

Because I used liquid glue and only placed it at the base of each petal they curled up making it a little three-dimensional.

I also placed a quote right in the middle to remind me to relax and take lots of planning sessions.

For the last one, I just dolled up the one from the Bookish Planner Kit with a stack of sticky notes, a couple of die-cuts, and a "ribbon" made from washi tape stuck to itself. Thanks and happy "reading"!
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator