Bible Journaling with Let's Go Collection

Bible Journaling with Let's Go Collection

Hello, friends!

Have you head of our Bible Journaling Sticker Kit? This kit is a wonderful addition to your bible journaling practice. The Planner Kit and Creative Kit are also fantastic companions for your faith journaling.


Eliza Hall: Let’s Go Bible Journaling Spread



I love all the spiritual sentiments in the Let’s Go Bible Journaling Kit. The colors were amazing and I was able to use this collection to display my faith. I loved using the faux washi, guest receipts from the Let's Go Planner Kit, and tags to create layering pieces. The alcohol splashes and musical notes just made this so much better!




I started on the right side, adding stickers in each corner because I journal in the middle often spreads. I make sure that I have enough room before adding extra stickers. I had to use the tags that came with the Let’s Go Bible Journaling Kit along with the faux washi to bring out the teal color. Then I used a label and placed a faith sentiment over it.



Then I had to do one of my favorite things on the left side-collage! I always make the left side a collage piece and identify the month by placing June at the top. I used a guest receipt to start off and then layered some tags on top. I love the washi tape sticker booklet from the  Let's Go Creative Kit and used the film festival washi sticker to add to the page. Then I placed the rest of the washi at the bottom and added the ice cream cone sticker to top it off.

I was amazed at how much I loved using every part of this Let’s Go Collection especially the  Let’s Go Bible Journaling Kit. If you’re into faith-based journaling, check this kit out!



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