Adorable Die Cuts from the Umber and Gold Collection

Adorable Die Cuts from the Umber and Gold Collection
Hello, friends!
We are head over heels for the die cuts from the Umber & Gold Collection. There is such a mix of illustrations and sizes that they could easily spread over many creative projects. Today, we have four delightful designs featuring die cuts from our Creative Team.
Pauline's planner is filled with these darling die cuts.
"What I love about Cocoa Daisy is mixing all the kits I receive each month to make my layouts. Die cuts aren't exceptions to that. I love to have some almost everywhere. And much more since they are adhesive-backed - the best innovation ever ‚ù§ . For example, I like to have one or two die cuts on the pockets of my planner's cover. It easily completes the design.
This month, I also used die cuts from the Umber & Gold Collection on my monthly pages. As you can see, I don't use "just die cuts". Instead of that, I have die cuts among a lot of things. Here, I used some feather die cuts, some words, and the "monthly" die cut from the Umber & Gold Planner Add On Kit. But I also used papers from the Umber & Gold Planner Kit, a lot of stickers, some stamping, some free printables, and the monthly pages from the Umber & Gold A5 Inserts. I love die-cuts for their compatibility with stamping, as the paper is more matte and consequently more appropriate to absorb the ink than stickers for example.
My gratitude page is one where I use die cuts every single month. I like to create some superpositions with a watercolor background, large dies cuts, and stickers. I love that there are some really large die cuts each month. It helps me to have a more dynamic page every time.
For the same reason, I like to use die cuts in my weeklies and dailies. This month, I chose to have a theme per week, and I loved to be able to do that thanks to varied themed die cuts and printables.
For my "forest's animals" week, I loved to use the littles die cuts, perfect for creating my daily pages from simple dotted pages. I also used the "weekly" one from the Planner Add On Kit on my weekly recap."
For Odessa, no pocket page spread is complete without her trusty die cuts.
"Die cuts are always the second step to working on a pocket page, only after picking the perfect journal cards to go with the layout. I dig through the container I keep all of the die cuts from that month’s Cocoa Daisy kits and pull out anything that looks like it could work with my layout. Then I start placing them around the page before finally sticking them down.
The autumnal rainbows in the Umber & Gold Collection were one of my favs so I made sure to pick out a plain journal card from the Umber & Gold Modern Memory Keeping Kit to stick one on to, along with a chipboard phrase.
I used a second patterned card with a circular die-cut that I also stuck down a chipboard phrase along with some of those cute matte enamel dots.
That little heart die-cuts from the Umber & Gold Collection was just perfect here! I also used the fun puffy alphas to get a little witty here.
The die cuts from the Umber & Gold Collection made my layout and give me a great base to finish my page. So fun!"
Another fantastic spread from Carol featuring a selective smattering for die cuts.
"As I continue to work on my Mixed Media Traveler’s Notebook Project, I am finding that I love this format of Memory Keeping. For this page I wanted a more “centered“ look so, I cut my photo into two parts and placed it inside a frame I made using the washi from the Umber & Gold Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. It was then that I went to town placing die cuts from the Umber & Gold Modern Memory Keeping Kit around my washi frame. I love the ethereal feel of the leaves. For my title, I grabbed one of the Library cards included in the Umber & Gold Classified Memory Keeping Kit and tore the top edge off. Layering the puffy alpha from Modern Memory Keeping Kit on top for a contrast to the rich browns.
To the left of my photo, I layered a grid tab die cut with a “Daily Adventures” banner piece.
On the bottom right of my photo, I mimicked the layered look with the stacked words die-cut and a branch of leaves. I love that all of these are adhesive. Speaking of adhesive, I threw in some translucent stickers from the Umber & Gold Memory Keeping Sticker Kit: one on the layered speech bubbles and another directly on the photo: “I Made This”.
On the lower left side of my spread, I placed another torn piece of that library card for an overall cohesive feel. I am loving all of the options for laying that the die-cut pieces offer. It makes projects simpler by having to skip the glue stick whilst creating."
 Evy always finds a way to incorporate her die cuts beautifully.
"There are never enough diecuts for my taste. I love and use them in all my projects generally mixing with stamps and alpha puffy stickers. I prefer diecuts to classic stickers because I can reposition them before finding the right position and I can easily thicken them by adding thick double-sided tape.
In this project, I decided to play with layering by adding diecuts leaves from the Umber & Gold Collection to my page of the traveler's notebook which already had a leaf print. Some I simply glued them using the adhesive you find on the back (that's right! They are already stickers ‚ù§). To others, I used thick double-sided tape to create a 3D movement effect!
On the right page, I have inserted diecuts under my photograph but also above. I thickened the word October but I left the rest simple. Finally, I included a caption, 2 chipboards pieces, the date, and that's it!"
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator