A Twist on Traditional Fall

A Twist on Traditional Fall
Hello, friends!
Did you notice something unique about the Gather Collection? While it definitely has that traditional fall/autumn feel, there were also fun pops of blue and purple throughout the collection. We love this because it makes this collection so versatile and easy to use in any of your paper crafting projects. Let's see how our Creative Team uses this twist on fall to mix it up in their planner and memory-keeping spreads.
Look how the Gather Daisy Dori is transformed with Tanti's monochromatic weekly designs!
"The Gather Collection is one of my favorite Cocoa Daisy’s Autumn theme collections because of its nontraditional Autumn colours. I really love the blue and purple tones of this kit. So I generally used these colour tones to decorate my planner this month.
I‘ve decided to create my first weekly spread in a blue tone. So I pulled out all the blue elements from the kits. I used the blue general planner stickers from the Gather Planner Add-On Kit and the Gather Planner Sticker Kit for my to-do lists. I attached the calendar tip-out using the blue washi tape from the Planner Add-On Kit. I also used the blue tone stickers, printables, and some thin washi tapes from my stash to cover up the non-blue lines on this spread.
I created my second weekly spread with the purple tones from the collection. Besides the purple tone stickers from the Planner Sticker Kit and the Planner Add-On Kit, I also used the purple washi tape from Cocoa Daisy’s past kit. For the days, I used the stickers from the Gather Classified: Planner Kit. To cover up the non-purple lines on the pages I used the purple thin washi tape from my stash. Then I used a purple dot pen to fill in the blank space.
Since purple is my favorite colour, I’ve decided to create a purple tone monthly view as well. For this spread, l used the purple highlighters to mark the weekend section. For the days and the dates I used the stickers from the Gather Planner Kit and I stamped some purple mini leaves using the leaf wood stamp from Cocoa Daisy’s past kit for the background."
Belinda utilized the various printables to prep for planner setup, focusing on those non-traditional colors and florals.
"The Gather Collection is so gorgeous with all the tones of blue and purple mixed through the more traditional colours for November and Autumn. Of course, I am just thrilled as purple is my favorite colour. Today my first project is to make a pretty bow clip to decorate my planner using the Gather Newsletter Printable Paper for November.
I used the two top strips from the printed copies and glued them together so the strips were double-sided. Next, I folded and cut the bow shape and glued the three bow parts together. I then used some washi tape to adhere a paperclip to the back.
For my second project, I wanted to add a little deco layering to the Gather Printable Trackers which I will be including in my Mini Daisy Dori from the Gather Planner Kit and my Simple Dori from the Gather Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit.
I will be using the diecuts I made from the Gather Planner Printable and adding some dashed line borders to the trackers.
Now for the fun part! I try and pull all the blue & purple artwork diecuts and glue them in place over the printed floral design on the trackers. I just love how they turned out."
Who says you can't add seasonal recipes to your memory-keeping? Check out Odessa's take on non-traditional colors in her layout.
"The blue and purple shades in the Gather Collection are my fav! Where I am, it’s pretty dark by 4:00 pm in November so the world seems to exist in those two colours right now. I decided to make a Traveler’s Notebook page with my favourite recipe right now, Everyday Birthday Cake Cookies! It’s great to sneak loved recipes into memory keeping. Hopefully one day my kids will come across it and make something they’ve loved.
I used a woody background from the Gather Simple Dori for the photo. I lined one edge with the wordy washi from the Gather Traveler's Notebook Memory Keeping Kit. I then stuck down my photo and used a mix of Alphas from the Gather Collection to add a title. I kept it simple overall.
On the other side, I used the same wordy washi along with some alpha stickers from the Gather Memory Keeping Sticker Kit to add some headers. And then it’s done! An easy recipe page."
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Rachel, Creative Team Blog Coordinator